Happy New Year 2019! New Gym and New You!

Happy New Year everyone! Crazy to see how time flies as we all get into our daily routines such as work, taking care of the family, and whatever it is that keeps you going. For me though 2019 is a start of a new adventure for my wife and I. We have officially opened our CrossFit Affiliate, Grip Strength CrossFit, and we cannot describe how excited we are for this opportunity to build a community and change people’s lives for the better. So, the question is: are you ready to take advantage of the new year?

It appears everyone gets hyped at the beginning of the new year but tends to level off after about a month or so. Some will write out goals on a board and others may jump right in become healthier and better human’s beings, but are we setting ourselves up for your failure?

The best thing we can do as the new year begins is to set up a basic plan that can be achieved. We all want to accomplish our goals as quickly as possible, but the importance of going through the motions of getting to that point is much more of a humbling experience. Always remember, make a plan that does not result in easy failure, and stick to the plan that gets to where you want to be. For instance, there are many diet programs out there;  find the one that helps you maintain results, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and allows you to continue to ride that wave of positivity throughout the year, not just one that last a short stint.

As I have gone through my 6+ year journey through CrossFit, I have learned a lot about people’s actions, behavior, and overall drive for certain things in life. If it means a lot to you and only YOU, then you will do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal. Don’t worry about the likes from people through Social Media, make the results mean more for yourself. In the end, it will all be worth it.

Lastly, we are all not perfect in life. Even getting 1% better each is better than 0% better. Let’s get ready for a strong start for 2019, and a new you for 2020 and beyond.

Coach Khizer Khadimally
Owner of Grip Strength CrossFit