Check out our high-intensity group training classes. All workouts are scaled to the individual athlete, so you don’t even need to be fit to start!

Personal Training

Looking to get coaching and attention to help you reach your specific goals?  Our 1-on-1 Personal Training can help you lose weight, get stronger or address any specific need you may have.

Barbell Clinic

Are you looking to build explosive strength?  Do you want help with some of your weightlifting technique? Or maybe you just need some consistent coaching feedback.  Our weightlifting classes are dedicated to helping you become a stronger and more proficient lifter.


Are you looking to fully jump into our CrossFit classes and maximize the benefits of functional fitness?  Our foundations class will help get you up to speed on how to move safely and efficiently while learning the techniques used for many of our complex movements.

Open Gym

Are you looking for some extra time to work on extra areas of your fitness?  Check out our open gym times.